quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012

How to Buy on the MAVB ( Automatic Selling Machines)


First you need to know where you are going, for that check the Map's on the station. The Line Map has the conections to the bus, and the train, and the funicular, the other map as the bus lines, metro lines, and hotels, on center porto.

If you see people on uniform from Metro assisting on the station, is better to ask, than to cath a fine, they are there to help you.

After you see the name of the metro station you need to leave, check on the list beside the machine the zone you need to have on the card. A ANDANTE or a ANDANTE 24, but need to have the zone choosen until your destination point, the diference is the Trip Ticket ( ANDANTE) will have one trip in that zone, the Daily Ticket ( ANDANTE 24) will have a 24hours ride in all the area of the zone.

So we have the screen with Reload or Buy.

For a 1st Time user, do this:

- Press Buy
- Choose the type of card you need , Trip Ticket ( ANDANTE) - For everyone that just wants one or two trips - or Daily Ticket ( ANDANTE 24) - For everyone that is going to use the transports a lot.
- After this, choose the zone you saw on the list for you destination.
- Then all you have to do is put the trips inside, be carefull, the trips are for one person only, the machine only gives one ticket for operation, so two persons have to do two times to get to tickets.
- So 1 title on the ANDANTE is a trip, on the ANDANTE 24 is a day. So 2 titles on the ANDANTE is 2 trips on 1 card, that means one person, same for the ANDANTE 24, but with days.
- NOW pay, and Wait for your card, if you need a receipt you need to press on the receipt to get one.
- VALIDATE then go to the metro :D... Have a nice trip.


For a reload user, do this:

- Press Reload
- Insert you card on the yellow slot, left slot.
- Check the card for the zone you have and if you have any trip left.

- No trips... then press - change type of title
- Choose the zone you need, after checking on the list.
- Choose the trips you need.
- Then pay
- Wait for the sign to remove the card
- Validate and have a nice trip.

Option CLIKZ:

- So you have trips on the card, but you need to use a diferent zone. Follow the instructions:

- Insert you card on the yellow slot, left slot.
- Press  - Carregar CLIKZ ( Charge CLIKZ)
- Select the zone you need for the trip.
- Pay, wait for the sign, and remove the card
- VALIDATE and have a nice trip.

This option only lets you reload one extra trip to use on the moment, when that is over you can use the other you have normally.
You can also use this on the monthly cards. 

More imagens will be aded soon.