quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012

ACT Zones, How to Use.

The General Metro Map e divided by sectors:

Between the point of origin of your trip and the point of destination, you have to count the zones your going to cross. The Zones works on circles, the 1st is the one your in, the 2 nd is the 1st circle around, and so on.. to better see.

This is an example from the Aeroport ( N10 ), if you wanna go to Trindade ( C1 ) you have to buy a Z4, if you wanna go to Hospital São João ( C6), you have to buy a Z4 because the lines passes trought C1, if you wanna go to Madalena (S2) - this means using Metro and BUS, you have to Buy a Z5, and so on.

In HERE you can chose from the sector you are starting until the end sector to see witch zone you need.


Trip Ticket   Andante  Andante 24     
               24 H                
Z2 1,20 ( 1H) 4,15   
Z3 1,45 ( 1H) 5,00   
Z4 1,80 (1.15m) 6,20   
Z5 2,30 (1.30m) 7,95   
Z6 2,70 (1.45m) 9,30 
Z7 3,05 (2H) 10,50 
Z8 3,45 (2.15m) 11,90 
Z9 3,80 (2.30m) 13,10
Z10 4,20 (2.45m) 14,30
Z11 4,60 ( 3H) 15,50 
Z12 5,00 (3.15m) 16,70

 Andante Discounts:

On a 10 Trips buy, you gain a free one ( only for one person).

 Prices on euros and IVA included on the actual legal rate.

This Prices do not inclued the cost of the ANDANTE CARD where you are charging your Trips,plus 0,50 €.

This means when you buy the Andante for the 1st time, a Z4 will have a cost of 2,30 €, 1,80 the trip + 0,50 the card.

Its And Obligation to Validate the ANDANTE CARD, on the machines you see in the metro station, every time you GO IN ,is the only way to activate the trip on the card.

This is the machine:

The Green Light means its OK, the Red Light, means out of trips, wrong zone, or the lecture of the card was not correct - in this one try again.